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In today’s world, when looking at the technologies created we would tend to assume that by default we are reducing our paper consumption. Unfortunately, we are not.
We are facing some alarming statistics and it’s about time we change our habits, stop that passive attitude and act as conscious and active citizens.

Join our GreenBox community and contribute to a sustainable eco-system, that aims to create:

  • Awareness: On paper wastage & its negative impact
  • Education: On paper recycling & its benefits
  • Change: In people's paper consumption habits
  • Sustainability: Direct impact on the environment

Easy set up

I. Join

All you need to do is approve the implementation of GreenBox in your organization by:

Signing up here or by email

II. Receive

InfoFort will deliver and set up the boxes within 3 days

  • As an average, 1 box is needed for up to 20 employees / per floor
  • With such a ratio, GreenBox can be replaced on a monthly basis

III. Contribute

Fill the GreenBox and reduce paper wastage

IV. Recycle

InfoFort will pick up the filled box and recycle the contents

Your impact

InfoFort will send a monthly analysis highlighting your impact on the environment and your carbon footprint. The report will track and measure the following:

  • Weight of recycled paper
  • Gallons of water saved
  • Gallons of oil saved
  • Offset carbon footprint

GreenBox Infographic - Paper Recycling with InfoFort