Empowering Information Driven Sustainability Initiatives


initiatives and solutions that aim to raise awareness and have environmental impacts. Examples of these are solutions and practices for reducing paper consumption, carbon foot print and recycling to name a few


Green solutions are embedded in InfoFort's business model. We continuously challenge ourselves and innovate to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing our office paper consumption, developing eco-friendly services and solutions and changing office commute habits.

Following this we have promoted several internal and external initiatives.  These include recycling our produced e-waste, reducing paper consumption, recycling paper and plastic waste in addition to client solutions such as shredding and our Green Data Destruction solutions for retired IT assets.

Below summarizes the impact of our initiatives for the last 3 years.


2015 Recycling Impact


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InfoFort sent 2,370.57 Kilograms of its own retired IT assets (e-waste) for recycling resulting in zero land fill.


Out of the total weight sent, 346.5 Kgs was re-used and 2024.07 Kgs was dismantled & recycled

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contact InfoCARE at icare@infofort.com