Empowering Information Driven Sustainability Initiatives


initiatives that aim to train and enable marginalized youth with life and information-based skills that can help them develop, grow, enter the work force and be self-sufficient.


Below are a few of our InfoGROW initiatives in different geographies. Please click on
                  each for details.

Dubai Minds, Dubai – UAE

Manzil, Sharjah - UAE

Al Aytam Foundation - Saudi Arabia

Human Resources Development Fund, HADAF - Saudi Arabia

Ibnaty Care Society - Cairo, Egypt

Al Hemam Training Centre - Ajman, UAE

Download our Sustainablitliy Reports:


Al Hemam is a self help group that believes in being proactive and encouraging individuals to learn methods and tools that will help them to become productive citizens.


Ibnaty Care Society is a non-governmental organization that assists children and mothers who are in need of assistance at the community level both economically and socially. It undertakes various community support activities on generating income and providing health services and education.

To join these initiatives,
contact InfoCARE at icare@infofort.com