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InfoFort gartner cool vendor for 2016

Gartner recognizes InfoFort
as a "Cool Vendor"
in emerging markets

InfoFort gartner cool vendor for 2016

Gartner recognizes InfoFort as a Cool Vendor

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The Age of Digital
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Each year, Gartner identifies innovative companies in key areas and publishes a series of research reports highlighting pioneering vendors and their products & services. Gartner defines a “Cool Vendor” as a company that offers technologies or solutions that are innovative, impactful and intriguing.

Research Paper Overview “The Age of Digital Transformation and Analytics”

Digital Technology has only begun to penetrate businesses. On average, industries are 40% digitized but as digitization continues its advance, the implications will be dramatic and digital technologies will pervade more of our everyday life. Data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009.

Customers now expect to access any service whether government, retail or banking via their mobile phone, tablet or laptop and organizations that are adapting to this digital mindset are the ones that are capturing the market.  

For a business to survive and be able to compete, it needs to understand the market and customer trends. In such a competitive business environment, business analysis is paramount to maintain the competitive edge.

InfoFort solutions deliver and manage the needed data through its enterprise content and workflow management system, and integrates it directly with company’s internal systems and web portals for real-time availability and accessibility on any smart device. Its customizable data analytics and visualization tools enable customers to connect, interact and analyze data, which allow end users to make critical business decisions by automatically identifying relationships through intuitive dashboards and reports. It also allows customers to predict future trends and formulate methods to improve strategies and operations.

Download the full research paper to learn more about:

  • Digital Data Solutions
  • Prospects for Middle East
  • Digital Transformation Solutions
  • Information Management Maturity – Critical Challenge, Real Remedies.

Why is InfoFort a Cool Vendor?

InfoFort is the only company in Emerging Markets in its industry and with its solutions to be recognized as a Cool Vendor for 2016. We believe that the recognition commends InfoFort for adopting advanced technologies to implement mobile, digital, e-signature and smart government solutions and for its flexible pricing models that cater to clients' challenges by offering a lower total cost of ownership with minimal capital expenditure.

Moreover, its unique position, whereby holding billions of records, allows InfoFort to leverage its advanced technologies to increase the speed of adoption of the digitization and automation journey for its clients.

“We consider our inclusion in the Cool Vendor report by Gartner as a testament to our ability to develop innovative solutions that help our clients to automate their business processes to save time and money, as well as to protect and secure their information and gain insights and unlock the value of their data” said Abed Shaheen, CEO of InfoFort.

We also believe that this recognition validates that while taking personal responsibility in safeguarding and protecting our clients’ data, InfoFort provides a complete transformative solution that allows customers to move from paper to digital content management; structure their information; capture, process and validate data; automate customized workflows; and deploy electronic and digital signatures using smart and secure mobile technologies for easier accessibility, compliance and business continuity.

"We will continue to further innovate and develop our solutions and technologies, specifically ‘enVision’, our mobile enabled, advanced enterprise content and workflow management system which today is proudly used by more than 300,000 users, processes about 1,000,000 digital signatures per month and provides customizable data analytics and visualization tools that enable customers to connect, interact, analyze and visualize their data,” continued, Abed Shaheen.

* The Age of Digital Transformation and Analytics is published by InfoFort. Editorial content supplier by InfoFort is independent of Gartner analysis. All Gartner research is used with Gartner’s permission, and was originally published as part of Gartners’ syndicated research service available to all entitled Gartner clients.

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