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Information Management Services by InfoFort
Information Management Services by InfoFort
Information Management Services by InfoFort
Information Management Services by InfoFort
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Information Management Review Meeting with InfoFort

As Iron Mountain joins forces with InfoFort to expand their presence in the MENA region, we have launched dedicated Iron Mountain websites in each of the countries we operate in:

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    InfoFort provides a wide range of services that cover the full Information Management life cycle of any business and organization.

    Our highly professional team with more than 20 years of experience in Intelligent Information Management empowers companies to accelerate digital transformation by changing their paper-intensive processes to a fully integrated digital environment while securing their data and assisting in extracting real value out of it.

    Learn more about our services and start your digital transformation journey today.

    Secure Document Storage & Management

    • Secure Records Storage and Management
    • Timely retrievals of paper documents (scheduled/urgent)
    • Advanced technologies for warehouse security: 24/7 security, access control, motion detectors, CCTV, etc
    • Authorized web access to documents’ inventory
    • Real-time service performance dashboards
    • Full compliance with industry’s best practices

    Document Scanning & Capture

    • Automated scanning and data capture processes
    • Authorized and secure access to your digital files anytime and from any device
    • Digitizing documents of any size and format: A4/A3/A2/A0; Black & White/Color
    • Intelligent Content Management of digital files with enVision, ECM
    • Compliant with international standards and certified by PDF/A (ISO standard)
    • Scanning of wide and sensitive formats such as Engineering Drawings, Maps, Newspapers, Scrapbooks and Photographs

    Electronic Document Management System (EDMS, ECM)

    • Secure storage of all your digital documents in a single repository
    • Encrypted data storage, authorized access, versioning, and audit trails
    • Advanced content search functionalities
    • Highly customizable platform that easily integrates with other applications
    • Cloud Document Management or On-Premise/Server with own IP
    • Web-based and mobile enabled technology


    Workflow Management and Automation

    • Seamless automation of paper-driven processes
    • Improved internal communication channels and customer service
    • Effective system of notifications: warnings, task assignments, document approval, status notification, messaging, delay warnings
    • Easy Integration with different local peripheral systems or software (LDAP, Active Directory, SAP or other ERP systems).
    • Supporting Digital and Electronic signatures
    • User-friendly and mobile-enabled interface


    Business Intelligence & Analytics

    • Live data analytics & real-time reports
    • Enhanced business decision making
    • Intuitive user experience, simple and mobile-enabled interface
    • Seamless integration with different data sources
    • Reduced system response time
    • Complex processes analysis


    Media / Tape Vaulting and Rotation

    • Secured Media Tape Storage with 24/7 response
    • Scheduled backup tapes retrievals: daily, weekly, monthly
    • Immediate action to any unscheduled retrieval due to an emergency
    • Highly Secure Vaults equipped with FM 200 suppression systems, temperature & humidity control, CCTV, motion detectors, anti-static flooring, etc
    • Ensured business continuity, risk management and disaster recovery
    • Storage of different types of media: Data Cartridges, DLT/ LTO, Tapes, Cassettes, Reels


    Fixed Asset Management

    • Accurate asset depreciation forecasting and reporting
    • Physical inventory cross matched with financial database
    • Mitigated risks of loss or theft of assets
    • Hierarchical assets classification structure
    • Efficient digital platform for inventory tracking and control
    • Location, quantity, condition and depreciation statuses available in one-click


    Secure Shredding & Data Destruction

    • Onsite & Offsite Data Destruction
    • Confidential disposal of outdated data: permanent data wiping, degaussing, crushing and shredding
    • Availability of a certificate of destruction
    • Disposal of different format of assets: servers, PCs, laptops, DLTs, LTOs, CDs, DVDs, flash memory sticks, smartphones
    • Environmental friendly disposal methods


    Cheques Management

    • Secure cheques storage in special fireproof cabinets
    • Digitization of cheques
    • Automated Data Capture in compliance with ICCS requirements
    • Scheduled / Un-Scheduled Retrievals
    • Reduced cost and manual effort in cheque processing
    • Data integration with further financial processes of the bank



    • Process re-engineering towards digital transformation
    • Development or enhancement of digital workflows
    • Building advanced analytical models for reporting, analysis and content management
    • Integrating data from different sources
    • Structuring and transforming raw data into business insights



    • 100% FREE service towards a sustainable environment
    • Reduced paper consumption
    • Positive impact on the environment
    • Automated monthly environmental statements
    • Improved people's paper consumption habits
    • Awareness on the negative impact of paper wastage