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Cost effective and Secure Cloud replication solutions for backup, archive and compliance data



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Increasingly, firms are looking for more cost-effective, secure, and efficient ways to ensure that remote backups are created and viable rather than relying on manual tape collection and ensuring backups are sent offsite.

Flexible subscription based pricing   World-Class Cloud infrastructure   High performance and security
  • No Capital Expenditures
  • No upfront fees
  • Pay as you go
  • Lower TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Predictable monthly fee
  • Private or shared
  • Partnership with EMC
  • Bandwidth optimization through de-duplication technology
  • Modular setup
  • Integrates with any existing backup software
  • End to end encryption to ensure data privacy and security while in transit and at rest
  • Low RPO and RTO
  • Early detection maintenance checks

InfoFort Back-up-as-a-service is a cloud storage service that will mirror your backup data to an offsite secure data center. It seamlessly extends onsite existing backup software deployments, creating a hybrid onsite/cloud solution that enables you to quickly recover data over the local area network and the storage area network (LAN/SAN), while also providing complete offsite protection against site disasters.

Backup-as-a-Service enables you to reduce costs across datacenters while continuing to meet long-term retention requirements as well as it provides a set of unique and tailored capabilities.

Traditionally, each datacenter backs up the backups of the other datacenters. This can be a costly configuration that relies on the existence of a secondary datacenter. InfoFort’s Back-up-as-a-service consolidates data centers’ backups into a very effective solution for disaster recovery.

With this type of service, customers can successfully perform backups at their physical/local site in addition to a replicated backup in InfoFort’ s remote location purposely built for business continuity and disaster recovery.


  • Flexibility – Avoid complicated implementation processes through Plug and Play System Integration capabilities with extendible storage capacity as well as fast and local operational recovery.
  • Economic – With zero CAPEX, very low bandwidth requirements, and minimal maintenance costs, InfoFort Back-up as a Service will help you achieve a strong return on investment (ROI) and annual savings.
  • Security – Reduce the risk of data breaches with end-to-end security including implementation design, infrastructure, and encrypted data transfer.
  • Support – 24 x 7 NOC (Network Operation Control) availability, early detection maintenance checks in addition to reliable and timely data access and recovery.
  • Invulnerability Architecture – Self-Healing file system with End-to-End data verification and double disk failure protection providing point in time file system recoverability.