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As Iron Mountain joins forces with InfoFort to expand their presence in the MENA region, we have launched dedicated Iron Mountain websites in each of the countries we operate in:

  • UAE
  • KSA
  • Egypt
  • Bahrain
  • Jordan
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
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    InfoFort Records Management Consultancy Services

    How it Works

    • Process mapping – InfoFort's experts will conduct a complete Study on your current methods of Record, Document and Workflow Management practices. We will study the different processes and will map them utilizing the latest tools and scientific methods.
    • Process re-engineering – After conducting the initial Study, we will utilize our extensive experience, know how, time and motion studies and process improvement methodologies to redefine your process and make sure they are in line with your expectations and Best Practices.
    • Technology – Based on a gap analysis and using different tools, InfoFort can recommend the suitable technologies that your organization need to meet its challenges and demands.
    • Solution design – In addition to all above we can customize a comprehensive solution and implement it using InfoFort's expertise, tools and infrastructure.


    • Best Practice – Your organization will be in line with industry Best Practice and thus maintain a competitive advantage.
    • Retention – The ability to quickly and consistently identify which Document and File need to be retained and for how long.
    • Maintenance – Creation and maintenance of credible Documents and Files for litigation, audit or government investigation.
    • Compliance – Compliance with legal and regulatory retention requirements.
    • Efficiency and Productivity – Improved operational efficiency, including reduced need for space, equipment and supplies.
    • Business Integration – Integration of Records Management into your business systems and processes.