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Document Scanning and Capture

Document Scanning & Capture

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Document Scanning, Capture and Management are some of the Electronic Records Management services that InfoFort offers. InfoFort does the scanning, indexing, Document Conversion and Data Capture either Off Site or On Site for clients looking for Electronic Document Management.

InfoFort’s extensive and large scale technical and project management expertise allows InfoFort to develop and maintain leadership within the Document Scanning services, storing and management industry. Today InfoFort handles hundreds of millions of documents and images under its Document storage, Management and Scanning Solutions which cover, Document Conversion for documents, drawings, newspapers, books, OCR, ICR, Micrographics, Microfilm Scanning, Microfiche Scanning and Aperture Cards, forms processing, moving hundreds of clients to a Paperless Office and an organized Electronic Archive System in different formats such as PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, JPG and others.

How it Works

  • Study – InfoFort's team of experts will visit your current archives and will conduct a complete study and analysis of the volumes, types, needs and technical details of the project such as:
    • Document Scanning or Document Imaging: Is conducted onsite or at client facilities. InfoFort scans all type of documents, using state –of –the art equipments providing the finest end result: more...
  • Financial Estimate – Once InfoFort develops the scope of work, InfoFort utilizes a tool to provide a detailed and economical financial estimate.
  • Project Setup Onsite/Off-site – A project team will implement and share with you the Workflow Management Systems, train and lead the project to successful implementation.
    • Document Conversion: Document conversion includes properly identifying (indexing) the images: more...
      • The Process
      • The Output / End results
  • Implementation – The team will then manage and deliver all digital archives and records to InfoFort’s supplied Document Management System or integrate with your existing one.
    InfoFort will deliver as per the client’s requirements:
    • Secure FTP, External Hard, Disk, CD or DVD


  • Accessibility – With the cutting edge technology, your organization will have speedy and multiple simultaneous access.
  • Efficiency – Time is critical in today’s business. InfoFort's Document Scanning, Capture and Management allows you to efficiently and accurately find the Documents and Files you need.
  • Confidentiality – All electronic information can be encrypted. InfoFort's security module allows us to customize access levels as required.
  • Cost – Expensive real estate can be utilized to expand your business and free-up office space.
  • Best Practice – InfoFort follows international standards and is certified by PDF/A (ISO standard) competency.