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As Iron Mountain joins forces with InfoFort to expand their presence in the MENA region, we have launched dedicated Iron Mountain websites in each of the countries we operate in:

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  • Media / Tape Vaulting and Rotation

    Media / Tape Vaulting and Rotation

    InfoFort’s tape storage and rotation services meet world class standards. InfoFort offers effective tape archival and storage facilities and you can be sure of the backup tapes' security and accessibility.

    Given today’s circumstances, business continuity and resilience are on the top of executives agendas. It is not enough to backup your Data anymore.

    Strategic decisions should be made on where to store the Backup Media, storage conditions, rotation schedules and how it is picked up and delivered. Such decision can make it or break it in times of disasters or need.

    Whether you have SLR data cartridges, 4mm, 8mm, DLT, SDLT tapes, cassettes, open reel tapes or others, InfoFort Media / Tape Vaulting and Rotation service will provide your company with the peace of mind needed knowing that your Backup Media or Tapes are secure, well preserved and immediately available when needed.

    How it Works

    • Collection and Retrieval – InfoFort's team will collect your Backup Media from your office on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and return it on predefined schedule. The Media is transported to and from InfoFort's Secure Vaults under tight security in specially designed containers and under temperature controlled conditions.
    • Storage – All Media are stored in InfoFort's highly Secure Vaults that are designed to withstand internal and external threats. The vaults are equipped with FM 200 suppression systems, maintained temperature (15c to 21c) and humidity, anti-static flooring and shelving, CCTV, temperature monitoring systems, motion detectors and others.
    • Unscheduled Retrievals – InfoFort guarantees immediate action to any unscheduled retrieval due to an emergency or other and will deliver the Media or Tape anytime and any day this is required.


    • Disaster Recovery – Fulfills your Risk Management and disaster recovery needs and ensures business continuity.
    • Reliable, 24/7 response – InfoFort ensures that your Media or Tape is timely picked up, stored, secured and delivered.
    • Compliant – InfoFort's Secure Vaults are compliant with global industry standards and state-of-art infrastructure.
    • Economical – You no longer have to build a large and expensive Vault to accommodate the storage of your Media or Tape . By using InfoFort Media / Tapes Vaulting and Rotation service, you only pay for what you store.