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  • Consolidation of all documents of your educational institution in a one central system
  • Digital enrollment process, evaluation, attendance, course schedules and student registration
  • Smart Curriculum Management from admissions, grade appeals, change requests to graduation
  • Performance & grades tracking, comparison of current class averages with historical averages
  • Improved collaboration and communication through web or mobile devices

  • Intelligent automation of onboarding & account opening processes, treasury management, loan origination and many others
  • Digital interaction between the customer and the bank through a single platform
  • 100% paper free environment with access anytime, anywhere, and from any device
  • Increased staff productivity with automated workflows
  • Instant reporting and analytics
  • Digitization of physical records and cheques
  • Digital signature integration

  • Digitizing and/or automation of admission and registration forms, patient and referral forms, internal documents
  • Secure storage and management of digital files within a single platform
  • Flexible workflow designer for any healthcare operation (ex. X-rays and lab results processing, insurance claims, etc)
  • Authorized access and multirole permissions
  • Ensured compliance of healthcare documents
  • Minimized operational costs and increased productivity of your medical institution

  • Scheduled/ unscheduled collection of paper forms from stores and resellers
  • Automated data capture from paper-based application forms (prepaid, postpaid, Internet, TV, Landline)
  • Intelligent data validation customized for predefined business rules (availability of application form, valid id/ passport, customer signature, photo, etc)
  • Workflow automation / integration of digitized data into current workflows
  • User-based access control and 24/7 data accessibility

  • Digitization and data capture of large volume of paper documents (Medical/ motor/ travel policy documents, Claims, HR & Administration, etc)
  • Intelligent data validation based on certain business rules
  • Automation of paper-based insurance process with a flexible workflow designer
  • Improved accessibility and security of information due to user rights customization (agents, policyholders, and staff members)
  • Interactive dashboards and automated reports (Product sales and agent performance analysis, Fraud detection/prevention, Geographic cluster analysis)
TV, Film & Media Production

  • Secure long-time offsite preservation of Media Tapes & Backup Drives
  • Support of different formats of films, video & audio archives and backup (LTO, SLR, Hard disk, Videotape, Blu-ray, etc)
  • Scheduled rotation / Immediate response to emergency requests
  • Compliance with industry security standards (ISO certification, CCTV monitoring, temperature & humidity controls, heat & motion detectors, FM 200)
  • Ensured business continuity, risk management and disaster recovery needs
Oil, Gas & Energy

  • Capture of any volume of paper with the further integration to enVision Document Management System
  • Centralized document management within one platform (Bid and Proposals, Engineering and facility management, SOP, Employees Records, Contract Management, etc)
  • Streamlined access to land lease files, invoices, contracts, records, reports and other critical documents
  • Easier audits and mitigated non-compliance risks
  • Centralized Inventory management cross matched with financial database
  • Digital Mailroom and Correspondence management
Small Business & Startup

  • Digitized paper and digital files storage within a single digital platform
  • Secure document sharing, tracking, version controls and audits
  • Intuitive and highly customizable workflow management tool
  • Ensured compliance and mitigated risks of loss or theft of your data
  • Fast and efficient document retrieval
  • Cutting costs of real estate spaces used for paper storage

  • Fully digital government framework with automated workflows and intelligent content management
  • Digitization of large volumes of paper
  • Faster processing of government transactions between customers and employees
  • Integration of digital and/or electronic signature with digital processes and workflows
  • 24/7 accessibility to process forms and transactions anywhere and at any time
  • Easy integration with 3rd party applications and databases