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As Iron Mountain joins forces with InfoFort to expand their presence in the MENA region, we have launched dedicated Iron Mountain websites in each of the countries we operate in:

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  • Accounts Payable

    For most companies, handling suppliers & vendors invoices & payments is no easy task. Many suppliers’ invoices arrive in paper form while on the other hand, a few use paper-free or electronic invoicing. This means the chances of making the Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) process faster and cheaper gets bigger and bigger. Manual AP processing (keying in, reviewing and approving) is not only time consuming and expensive, it can as well be inaccurate with increased chances of duplicate and unauthorized payments. Speed up your invoice processing & approval cycles and ensure invoice accuracy with our Accounts Payable and Receivable Management Solution

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    InfoFort’s Accounts Payable Automation Solution will provide you with a secure, mobile, and scalable platform in order to simplify, control, and automate your accounts payable processes.

    InfoFort’s Accounts Payable solution will:

    • Digitize all paper invoices and enable online electronic invoice submission
    • Automate invoice processing and approvals based on pre-defined business rules
    • Set automatic notifications for stakeholders to handle exceptions
    • Share and reprocess rejected invoices with vendors and automate payment issuance
    • Archive approved invoices and update your financial system accordingly
    • Provide transparent and comprehensive reports for auditors and executives when needed


    • Automate your paper driven processes and reduce overheads
    • Create and maintain process control
    • Import and export data seamlessly to speed up invoice processing
    • Quickly resolve disputes, avoid penalties & fees, and improve supplier relationship
    • Avoid late and duplicate payments
    • Maintain accurate data by reducing human errors and resolving Purchase Orders mismatches instantly
    • Easily access information and pending workflows using our mobile or web-based technology