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    Offices today are struggling to maintain order and efficiency against the growth of documentation. With the proliferation of records, comes the need to be able to find the right information, at the right time, for the right cost. Statistics show that a great deal of time and money is lost every day to poor documentation practices. According to PRISM International:

    • Paperwork is the largest overhead expense in any organization
    • Active files typically grow at a rate of 25% annually
    • Managers spend an average of 4 weeks a year searching or waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked, or “lost” information
    • Office workers can spend up to 2 hours per day looking for misplaced paperwork
    • 90% of records, once filed, are never referred to again
    • The average cost of re-creating a one-page document is $180

    And while our reliance on paper continues, we continue to use electronic applications that often don’t communicate with one another or with our paper files, increasing duplication and decreasing findability.

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    Some of the challenges associated with poor documentation practices include:

    • Proliferation of paper and electronic documents and the inability to locate important records on time
    • Document traceability – is this the final or official version of the document or is it just a draft?
    • Lack of security – are confidential documents properly stored and controlled?
    • Poor use of valuable office space to store records
    • Cost associated with copying, storing, and retrieving records

    Solution Benefits

    InfoFort's Clean Desk Policy Management Solution works with all types of correspondence including incoming, outgoing and internal and manages the whole cycle from the creation of e- documents and digitization of paper records into one accessible location, to the management of both e documents and hard copy records, and finally to the collaboration based on a fully auditable system of exchange of these e- documents and hard copy records within your company and all third-party partners.

    InfoFort's Clean Desk Policy Management Solution covers:

    Handling of Paper (hard copy) Records:

    • Collection and delivery of documents to and from departments
    • Receipt and digitization including scanning, indexing and refiling of incoming paper documents and uploading of scanned imaged to InfoFort Enterprise Content Management solution (ECM)
    • Management of repository for short term archiving of incoming and internally generated paper documents. Establishment of special procedures to control the amount of paper documents kept by employees at their workstations.
    • Delivering original hardcopies to employees whenever required and collecting hard copies for further digitization and archiving.

    Implementation of e-Correspondence System that covers:

    • Creation of electronic documents and digital correspondence management
    • Integration of Clean Desk Policy processes with any other line of business applications
    • Routing of scanned documents to relevant department(s) via InfoFort’s e-correspondence system (with audit trails)
    • Tracking of physical locations of hard copy originals
    • Sending requests for the collection of confidential documents or retrieval of original documents from the physical archive
    • Setting automatic notifications to employees to return documents to archive (in case they forgot)
    • Defining access rights and permissions to view and edit digital records
    • Setting automatic notifications of documents’ retention period

    InfoFort's Clean Desk Policy Management Solution is designed to improve your business processes and reduce costs, risks, and inefficiencies. Your employees will perform their core duties more efficiently, without the distraction of time-consuming tasks like searching for, storing, or copying records. Centrally located, accessible files will result in greater efficiency and lowered operating costs.