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As Iron Mountain joins forces with InfoFort to expand their presence in the MENA region, we have launched dedicated Iron Mountain websites in each of the countries we operate in:

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  • Customs Documentation Automation

    Customs Import - Export processes and procedures can be very complex and time-consuming. Cost effective and timely adherence to customs regulation requirements is today a key challenge for global logistics businesses, supply chain provides and traders.

    Lack of automation continues to be a challenge for each business that deals with customs clearance processes as these require extensive preparation and submission of documentation. This can be a time consuming activity which involves filing, continuous follow-up and coordination. It is hence prone to human and data entry errors and can result in potential delays, unnecessary costs, penalties, risks and lost sales.

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    InfoFort Customs Documentation Automation Solution provides a single-platform that enables your operations for quick, simplified, cost effective, compliant and efficient customs clearance.

    Our solution ensures smooth and automated data flows from one task to another while enabling companies to operate through an integrated digital environment ensuring fast and accurate customs declaration forms submission. This is in addition to the ability to automatically capture extensive data and present numerous reports and visualizations that can help to better understand the business patterns, trends and support decision making.


    InfoFort Customs Automation Solution covers the whole cycle of customs operations providing:

    Physical Collection and digitization of shipping documentation including Purchase Orders, Sales Invoices, Bill of Entry, Bill of Lading, Airway Bills, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, etc.
    Digital classification according to originating port, client, shipment type, etc.
    System validation of import & export documentation based on automated item level data capture enhancing billing and reporting
    Automatic system notifications to prompt submission of extra required documents for clearance or for exception handling
    Customs declaration reports generation via direct integration with customs portal
    Immediate access to physical and digitized documentation with advanced search capabilities
    Interactive dashboards and analytics to monitor imports and exports and support business decisions
    A unified and secure platform that governs, monitors and controls all data and documentation


    • Accurate and timely Customs Declaration reporting
    • Reduced exception handling response time resulting in faster clearing of items and minimizing docking rental fees
    • Reduced fines and penalties of misdeclared items due to human data entry errors
    • Flexible Pricing Model including leasing, full ownership, and transaction based
    • Adherence to countries’ document retention policies
    • Reduced cost with less manpower and manual work
    • Compliance to customs SLAs for quality and timely deliveries