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As Iron Mountain joins forces with InfoFort to expand their presence in the MENA region, we have launched dedicated Iron Mountain websites in each of the countries we operate in:

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    Technology has increased its role in improving the education system by automating manual processes and supporting intelligent data-driven decisions.
    InfoFort’s Smart Education Solution will transform your paper based processes into a fully  integrated and automated digital environment and assist you in analyzing performance based on any measurable KPI.
    InfoFort’s Education Management Solution will allow you to consolidate all your documents, benefit from improved collaboration and communication through web or mobile devices as well as maximize the use of your resources in ways that directly benefit your students and help them excel academically.


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    Students’ journey will be fully automated from the early stages of the application process up until graduation including applying for financial aid, requesting for diplomas, academic transcripts or graduation requirements.

    Teachers will benefit from automated student registration of students, on time student follow up including but not limited to attendance and achievements. Access to reports will simply be a click away, teachers will be able to track and compare historical averages for the same program and also evaluate progress towards earning a degree. 

    Moving one-step higher, management can analyze students’ as well as teachers’ performance based on their experience, qualifications, pass rates, academic progress or any measurable KPI.

    Most importantly, correspondence processes in academic and administrative departments and all back office related processes including purchase orders, vacation requests, material or IT related request processes will be fully automated which will increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

    InfoFort’s solution features include:

    Reminders & Alerts
    Email notifications and SMS alerts to faculty members and students
    Mobile App
    Mobile experience via push notifications, chat, messaging
    Integration with existing IT
    Seamless integration with student Information existing systems and portals
    Course Scheduling & Administration
    Student records information in one-click , connected to enrollment process, evaluation, attendance, course schedules and student registration
    Curriculum Management
    Management of education courses throughout all stages of the curriculum lifecycle from admissions, grade appeals, change requests to graduation
    Business Intelligence & Performance Analytics
    Performance & grades tracking, comparison of current class averages with historical averages


    • Seamlessly manage student data from admission up until graduation
    • Enable easy access to attendance, schedules, grades, library catalogs, events and more
    • Make files available to any secure user from any location
    • Improve documents processing and security
    • Enable teachers to better advice and support students success
    • Visualize and analyze performance based on any measurable KPI
    • Increase staff and student satisfaction